How does the elesol plate work

The ELESOL can reduce electricity consumption by pasting it on a breaker. Explanation of the mechanism is below:

How Elesol Works Step 1

Alternating Curent Waves

The power supply in most normal companies, factories, homes etc. comes in the form of “Alternating Current Waves”.

What is an Alternating Current?

Alternating current periodically reverse direction (see figure right) whereas direct current = constant flow.

How Elesol Works Step 2


The “noise” flows along with the electric current wave.

Noise or “harmonics” may be cause by various factors. Breakers and inverters are known to be a common source of noise.

How Elesol Works Step 3

The filter effect

You can remove the noise with “filter effect” by pasting the ELESOL plate after the breaker.

By affixing the ELESOL plate, the electric current will be cleaned.

How Elesol Works Step 4

Electromagnetic Waves

The more noise, the more the amount of electromagnetic waves wasted in the air.

A huge amount of electricity is wasted when electromagnetic waves are emitted in the air.
Example : Radio waves (Wi-Fi, BT Waves…etc)

How Elesol Works Step 5

Eliminating the noise

By eliminating the noise, we are starting to suppress unnecessary electricity usage which we pay for but we don’t use. More over you will experience longer time btw service intervals on your machines with a longer lifetime as a result.